How Insurance Agent Portal Is Beneficial for You

The interesting design of LIC agent portal empowers a streamlined, practical methodology for sending an agent entry.


LIC agent portal has assembled a natural, easy to understand interface designed particularly for agents and intermediaries. Agent entrance arrangements convey operator entry abilities, for example, work process and exchange capacities including quote, official and administration. Arrangements support transfer and download capacities also, including propelled components, for example, coordinated effort and case administration to bolster merchant needs in complex product offerings, for example, claim to fame and business property and setback protection.

LIC agent portal is a Web-based operator entryway for your agent s to rapidly and effortlessly submit business, secure quotes, and even tie. At the point when consolidated with Agent portal is an exceedingly configurable entrance to flawlessly expand your endorsing and joint effort best practices into your conveyance channels.

As a complete purpose of-offer entrance for both new business and recharges, Agent highlights rich usefulness, including dynamic supplemental information, shared reports, notes, and email — for perceivability into the accommodation procedure whenever. The substance rich and exchange centered arrangement bolsters new business entries, reestablishments, supports, and straight-through-preparing (submit-to-quote-to-tie). With Agent, you increase thorough office confronting abilities, and a notoriety for simplicity of working with your operators.

Expanded Submissions

Makes it simpler for agent s to make entries and get cites, in this way improving the probability that operators will submit business to the transporter.

Enhanced Submission Quality

Prequalification and danger longing rules make it more outlandish that operators will submit dangers that don’t coordinate your organization’s voracity; the electronic application guarantees that the application is finished preceding accommodation.

Higher Quote and Bind Ratios

Enhanced accommodation quality results in enhanced quote and scrape proportions; and when agent s can get cites progressively utilizing STP, they will probably tie.

Expanded Efficiency

Huge time reserve funds with programmed perusing and transferring of utilization structures; ongoing joint effort empowers agent s and financiers to impart rapidly and successfully to close business, wiping out or shortening a hefty portion of the “forward and backward” strides all the while.

Simplicity of – Doing-Business

Conveys genuine simplicity of-working together for both operators and financiers.


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