Tips to Utilise Insurance Agent Portal

The remarkable benefit of lic agent portal empowers a streamlined, practical approach for sending an outside specialist/operator gateway.


Lic agent portal has assembled an instinctive, easy to use interface designed particularly for specialists and agents. The outside interface uses the same basic usefulness and design and in addition an indistinguishable database from the inside system.

Constant information trade between intermediaries/specialists and inward clients

Security driven usefulness for merchants/operators (ex. all usefulness inside the inner framework can be given to outer clients through security consents, for example, the capacity to create cites, lead supports, issue approaches, and so on.)

Essentially diminished upkeep costs (ex. item or rate changes are made once and spread to both interior and outside clients)

Who can utilize Agent Portal?

Any dynamic specialist who is connected with LIC Insurance Company Limited can logon to Agent Portal

Presently you can completely contend and even beat out the biggest insurance agencies with your own particular condition of –the-workmanship web based operator gateway. Make your operator’s occupation less demanding by offering them a superior approach to work with your organization. The outcome will be an expansion in income approaching more benefit for both you and your operators.

LIC agent portal makes an intense apparatus that will fabricate more grounded connections bringing about expanded reliability.

  • Get more business from your present operators
  • Enroll and hold higher volume makers
  • Stand out enough to be noticed centered around working with you
  • Moderate, simple to-utilize and prepared to go
  • Presently you can offer a completely marked, include rich operator entryway.
  • No forthright authorizing expenses
  • Layered evaluating model makes it moderate paying little mind to how much premium you compose
  • Works with your current back office systems
  • Go live as fast as 30 days.

Significant Features:

  • Underpins all P&C lines of business
  • Arrangement charge instalment
  • Archive administration (transferring, printing and conveyance)
  • To begin with Notice of Loss

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