What to Look After While Booking a Marriage Garden in Indore?

This is the most fantastic idea that one should book a marriage garden for their wedding vows. Garden wedding is one of the most fantastic marriages as it can include nature also in the wedding ceremony. No doubt in it that in marriage garden in Indore having lots of flowers with the wide range of varieties, but picking of flowers is not allowed there. So for this reason they have top book flowers for their aisle, separately from marriage garden. The main color used on the carpet is green. With the green color pawn one should use bolded colors which get highlighted on that green carpet.

While fixing your marriage date must consider the sunny days, as wet garden and grass is not good for nuptial ceremony. The wet garden will destroy the dresses of your guests so it is better to consider the dry sunny day for the marriage.  Apart from weather, there are many things which are necessary to look after before booking any marriage garden in Indore. There are as follows –

# catering management: Marriage garden is relatively more relaxing than any sort of banquet hall or theme wedding.  Marriage garden is used for normal wedding or theme wedding, both according to the host. Marriage garden also opens up two different options like buffet or BBQ as the catering option for your guests. Decide the dinning menu according to the choice of your guests as some of them are vegetarians’ while rests are like to eat no-veg at the same time.

#wedding invitations: Marriage garden wedding invitation has to be something related with the garden or nature. You have various options while designing your wedding invitation card you may take help from internet, from card designing agency or design yourself your wedding vows invitation card. You may try some new concept like click the picture of your marriage garden in Indore and make it cover of your invitation card envelope. This idea is quite easy and save lot of time and money of yours. Or may try some sort of trees and leaves on your card, this one is also a good idea.

# Idea about wedding cake: for the wedding cake you must try the design of flowers and leaves which suits your wedding theme and garden also.

There are various marriage garden in Indore are available for making your wedding a perfect wedding.