Tips To Plan a Perfect Garden Wedding Reception

Most of the couple wishes to get married in marriage gardens in Indore in the middle of blooming flowers and lush greenery. These days, outdoor wedding is in trend. Marriage gardens in Indore are among the most preferred venues for couples to get married. Exchanging vows in the presence of Mother Nature is something like “dream comes true” that most of the couples have dreamt of.

Be that as it may, arranging a garden wedding reception is not that easy. While designing marriage gardens in Indore, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Here, with this post, we are going to provide you with some tips that you can make use of while planning to get married in a marriage garden in Indore. Let us have a look at them:

  • Season: Season is the foremost thing that should be kept in mind while planning to get married in marriage gardens of Indore. Summer would be the perfect season for outdoor weddings, as there is an extensive growth of flowers all around. With natural flowers, the cost of the decoration can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Theme: Every wedding has a different theme and the decoration for every theme also differs. In the wake of selecting a theme of your marriage, it is time to make decisions regarding decoration idea accordingly.
  • Tent: In case of any sudden unfavorable weather conditions, tent is something that can provide you with the much needed shelter. Every garden wedding party must have tent.
  • Lighting: It is vital to make sure that the lightings in a garden wedding party are unique and exquisite. With the goal to make a wedding venue look more ravishing, string lights must be fitted everywhere, starting from the trees to the fountain side.
  • Dance Floor: Wedding in a garden would be considered as incomplete if no dance floors are incorporated in it. Make sure to decorate the dance floors as well, while keeping theme of the wedding in mind.
  • Personalization: Placing photographs of the bride and groom and their respective families, all around the venue would be an unquestionable idea for a perfect marriage in Garden. Most probably, the guests in the marriage would be charmed by looking at the beautiful photographs from the past, as it takes them down the streets of nostalgia!
  • Color Code: In order to make the entire marriage garden in Indore to look more beautiful, follow a color code. Picking up color combination of pink and blue, or yellow and green, will make the decorations look ever so vibrant.

To conclude, if you are among those couples who have dreamt of getting married in the most memorable way, consider booking marriage gardens in Indore. There are thousands of marriage gardens in Indore. If you are not sure, which to choose, visit any online directory. Online directories can provide you with a list of all the best marriage gardens in Indore to choose from along with customer reviews.


What to Look After While Booking a Marriage Garden in Indore?

This is the most fantastic idea that one should book a marriage garden for their wedding vows. Garden wedding is one of the most fantastic marriages as it can include nature also in the wedding ceremony. No doubt in it that in marriage garden in Indore having lots of flowers with the wide range of varieties, but picking of flowers is not allowed there. So for this reason they have top book flowers for their aisle, separately from marriage garden. The main color used on the carpet is green. With the green color pawn one should use bolded colors which get highlighted on that green carpet.

While fixing your marriage date must consider the sunny days, as wet garden and grass is not good for nuptial ceremony. The wet garden will destroy the dresses of your guests so it is better to consider the dry sunny day for the marriage.  Apart from weather, there are many things which are necessary to look after before booking any marriage garden in Indore. There are as follows –

# catering management: Marriage garden is relatively more relaxing than any sort of banquet hall or theme wedding.  Marriage garden is used for normal wedding or theme wedding, both according to the host. Marriage garden also opens up two different options like buffet or BBQ as the catering option for your guests. Decide the dinning menu according to the choice of your guests as some of them are vegetarians’ while rests are like to eat no-veg at the same time.

#wedding invitations: Marriage garden wedding invitation has to be something related with the garden or nature. You have various options while designing your wedding invitation card you may take help from internet, from card designing agency or design yourself your wedding vows invitation card. You may try some new concept like click the picture of your marriage garden in Indore and make it cover of your invitation card envelope. This idea is quite easy and save lot of time and money of yours. Or may try some sort of trees and leaves on your card, this one is also a good idea.

# Idea about wedding cake: for the wedding cake you must try the design of flowers and leaves which suits your wedding theme and garden also.

There are various marriage garden in Indore are available for making your wedding a perfect wedding.

Things to Consider While Choosing any Marriage Garden

In the wedding season, it is quite difficult to find any good marriage garden in Indore. As these type of venues are capable in providing a quality arrangements and dining experience to your guests. So choosing a marriage garden as your wedding venue is the great step but make sure that you will also going to keep some important things before directly book any garden of them.  Those important things are things are mentioned in the below section of the article.

Things to consider before booking any marriage garden-

There are plenty of things which you consider before directly going to book any marriage garden, they are as follows –

  1. Availability of the venue- Availability of your desire venue is the biggest question. As on any auspicious day, multiple people try to fix their weddings vows on that particular day. So must all the available venues and book your desired venue in advance for your marriage.
  2. Size of the venue: This is another key factor which one should definitely consider the size and space of the garden is sufficient for your guests or not. Most of the people only book marriage gardens just for the sake of their guests. The appropriate space will provide a sense of comfort to their guests and also for all the nuptial ceremony of that day.
  3. Suits your budget: Definitely wedding and their preparation will disturb your budget. So before you make final booking to anyone of the marriage garden, discuss your budget with the wedding planner as well as the manager of the garden. It results that it can clearly tell you that is it possible or not.
  4. Nearby accommodations: before making final bookings, check that is there any nearby accommodations are available for your guest or not. If not, then definitely switch to another option.
  5. Easy access to venue: If your decided venue is close to any one of the busy street of the city then it will definitely create frustration for your guests. Make sure that your marriage garden is in easily reached location for which you can easily find transportation also.
  6. In-house catering: Make sure that garden management will itself take care of your in house catering and also provides a vast range of food options like vegetarians, non-vegetarians, religious food and many more options, according to the wish list of your guests.

These are the most important things that one should consider before going, to book any marriage garden in Indore for their special day.

Tips to Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Garden Venue

The possibility of a garden wedding is exceptionally romantic and sentimental; reciting your pledges in the midst of the natural excellence of beautiful trees and lively blooms can be heartwarming. In any case, how might you make certain your picked venue will look great on the enormous day? Scorched leaves and drooping blossoms could transform your fantasy wedding into a bad dream.

Here are four garden wedding tips to get the best out of your wedding garden venue:

Consider your date precisely:

If you have your heart set on getting hitched at a specific marriage garden in Indore, discover when the plants and blossoms are probably going to be at their best and set your date in like manner. Solicit to see photographs from the different seasons and endeavor to converse with one of the nursery workers who will know the regularity of each plant in the place.

Supplement your garden’s natural beauty:

Gardens are helpless before the seasons, and somewhat unseasonable climate can postpone or quicken the yearly advance of a garden by half a month. To make sure your garden scene still looks awesome make certain to enlarge it with courses of action of cut blossoms got from somewhere else, and some pruned plants and bushes. Arrange your cut blooms in natural containers, for example, old fashioned watering jars and glass containers, and contract pruned plants from a garden center.

Gardens can be enhanced as well:

Because your garden venue looks normally wonderful, there’s no reason you can’t add some additional adornments to influence it to look significantly more unique. Most couples include an entrance or gazebo as a point of convergence for the ceremony; however you could likewise consider little embellishments for the trees, for example, strip bows or beautiful texture butterflies.

Add light to your scene:

If you are having a night occasion looks at the lighting in the garden. You need your visitors to have the capacity to perceive what they’re doing, however you don’t need them amazed by industrial flood lights. Candle lanterns hung in the trees or on little posts in the ground can give a comfortable gleam, as can white or hued pixie lights. Search for citronella candles in the event that you need to maintain a strategic distance from the lights pulling in undesirable visitors of the insect variety.

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